Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps

If you have a process that requires a vacuum supply, at Design Air we can help design, specify, supply and install a complete turnkey vacuum solution to suit your requirements.

As official distributors for Atlas Copco, at Design Air we pride ourselves on offering equipment that is extremely energy efficient and with a reputation for reliability and robust construction.

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Why Choose an Atlas Copco Vacuum Pump From Design Air?

Vacuum Pumps

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

As you will likely keep your new vacuum pumps for at least 7 – 10 years, a high percentage of your total cost of ownership in this period will be in electrical energy costs.

Atlas Copco vacuum pumps are extremely efficient and typically have the lowest total cost of ownership when factoring in initial purchase price, electrical running costs and maintenance costs.

Vacuum Pumps

Finance Options

At Design Air, we can be flexible to meet your payment requirements. We appreciate that purchasing an Atlas Copco Vacuum Pump is a long term investment, so we can help you finance your purchase over 3-60 months

Instead of waiting for a return on your investment, make a saving immediately. We can demonstrate that your monthly payments will be lower than the electrical cost savings your new Vacuum Pump will provide.

Vacuum Pumps

Help to Centralise Your System

Historically, if you have a process that requires a vacuum supply, a vacuum pump would be situated at the point of use providing vacuum for this process alone. Having multiple instances of this in a factory can quickly escalate your maintenance and electrical energy costs.

The solution? To create a centralised vacuum system supplying vacuum to all processes that require it. A well designed system will help greatly reduce maintenance and electrical energy costs as well as improving the working environment close to the point of use.

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