Remote Monitoring

Historically, responsibility for checking your compressed air system is operating effectively and efficiently would fall at the feet of your preventative maintenance team.

At Design Air, we can take this burden off of your team by monitoring key system parameters for you anywhere, at any time! We do this through Atlas Copco SMARTLINK. This gives us access to all vital operating parameters. As such we can help increase your energy efficiency and reliability by highlighting problems before they can cause any system downtime.

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Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Prevent Lost Production

If you opt for SMARTLink Uptime, we will constantly monitor key operating parameters of your compressed air equipment, this allows us to forecast potential issues and breakdowns. As such, we can advise your of potential problems and act upon them before it gets to this point.

Remote Monitoring

Accurate Service Scheduling

With SMARTLink Service we will be able to accurately determine the exact time when the equipment will require its next service. This ensures that the equipment will be well maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines and also ensures that we are not over or under servicing the equipment at all, thus increasing system efficiency and keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.

Remote Monitoring

Compliance with ISO 50001

By opting for SMARTLINK Energy, you will receive customised reports on the energy efficiency of your compressed air equipment. This will help your organisation comply with ISO 50001 requirements and will help to ensure that your system is running in an efficient manner.

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