Food Grade Air Quality Test to ISO 8573.1

To comply with the BCAS Guidelines, you should test and verify your air quality against the ISO 8573. Standard every 6 months at minimum.

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Key Points You Should be Aware of

ISO8573 Air Quality Test

Compressed Air Quality

Compressed air quality can be defined by the maximum level of contaminants present in the air. The 3 primary contaminants are solid particles, water & oil. These contaminants can be introduced from many different sources.

ISO8573 Air Quality Test

ISO 8573.1 Standard

The ISO 8573.1 standard is internationally recognised and defines air quality classes for maximum levels of solid particles, water & oil. It also defines methods for testing your air quality.

ISO8573 Air Quality Test

Testing Air Quality

Testing your air quality against the ISO 8573.1 standard is not something that can be typically performed on site. This process usually involves taking an air sample for testing to be carried out at a laboratory.

How Design Air Can Help

There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding testing your air quality against the ISO 8573. standard. A lot of the testing equipment currently used to test food grade air quality does not meet the test methods stated in the standard, and is only useful for establishing general levels of oil and humidity.

Design Air can test your air quality in accordance with the ISO8573 standard. This testing is required every 6 months if you wish to comply with the BCAS Food & Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice Guidelines.

This testing will help you to ensure that your air quality is suitable for your food grade application. This can also help to reduce potential non-conformance’s at your next BRC audit and increase consumer confidence in your product.

ISO8573 Air Quality Test

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