Leak Detection & Repair

Compressed air leaks can account for up to 50% of supply if not managed correctly. As such, you could be wasting significant electrical energy costs on supplying air to these leaks.

Let us at Design Air help you find and fix your leaks with our leak detection & repair program.

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Our promise is to save you enough energy costs to provide a return on investment of less than 1 Year

What's Involved With a Leak Detection & Repair Program?

Leak Detection

Find The Leaks

The first step in the process is to survey your entire compressed air system with an ultrasonic leak detector. This will help to identify the majority of leaks in your system.

Leak Detection

Quantify The Leaks

Once we have identified all your leaks, we must prioritise them in order of severity. Large, easy to fix leaks will be given highest priority whilst small, hard to fix leaks the lowest priority.

Leak Detection

Repair The Leaks

Carrying out a leak detection is pointless if they are not repaired. Following the survey, we will use this information to repair the top 20% of your leaks at minimum. You will then be issued a report detailing how much you have saved in annual electrical costs by doing so.

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