Breathing Air Quality Test

Compressed air supplying a breathing air mask should be safe to breath. To check this, air quality should be tested and verified every 3 months.

At Design Air we can test your air quality to verify that it meets BS EN12021 and that the air you are breathing is safe to do so.

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Key Points You Should be Aware of

Breathing Air Testing

Contaminants in Your Air Supply

Breathing air can contain a number of harmful contaminants including oil vapour, carbon dioxide and carbon minoxide. BS EN12021 Defines the safe limits of contaminants (air quality) that can be present in your breathing air supply

Breathing Air Testing

Air Treatment

Thankfully, the majority of contaminants present in your breathing air supply can be filtered out or removed through different dryers or filters. Even locating your air compressor in a cleaner environment can help reduce risk.

Breathing Air Testing

Breathing Air Testing

Given the potential dangers, HSE Guidelines (HSG53) advise that you should carry out breathing air quality tests at least every 3 months (or more frequently if your risk assessment dictates this). These test results should be kept for 5 years.

How Design Air Can Help?

If you are unsure on what your legal requirements are, or are concerned that your breathing air quality does not meet the BS EN12021 standard, please get in touch with us. We can arrange one of our specialists to visit you and provide some consultation on;

  • If you currently have sufficient filtration to meet BS EN12021 standard
  • If not, what additional filtration you may require to meet the BS EN12021 standard
  • Prices for carrying out one off breathing air tests to verify your air quality before putting your operator in danger
  • Prices for setting up an annual breathing air testing contract to ensure you are meeting legal requirements and keeping operators safe (4+ tests per year)
Breathing Air Testing

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