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When compared with traditional delivery of nitrogen bottles or a bulk tank top up, on site generation can be done at a fraction of the cost by using either excess capacity from your existing compressed air supply, or a stand alone system.

At Design Air we can help you determine if on site nitrogen generation is right for you, and how much costs savings you could achieve by doing so.

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How do I Determine if on Site Nitrogen Generation Worth it?

Determine Your Average Nitrogen Usage / Flowrate

The first step to determine if on site Nitrogen Generation is worth while for you is to try and determine how much Nitrogen you are using.  An easy and quick way to determine your average usage is to tally up the total m3 of Nitrogen you have used over a given period of time (either add up the total m3 of bottles used or look on your bill for total delivered m3) and divide this by the total number of hours nitrogen was in use over this period.

So for example, lets say you used a 146m3 bottle bank per week and the Nitrogen was in use 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. Over a month, this would equate to an average usage of (146m3 x 4 weeks) / (9hrs x 20 days)  = 3.24m3/hr average nitrogen usage.

Tally up Your Existing Nitrogen Supply Costs

Next, you should try to determine how much you are currently spending with your Nitrogen gas supplier over the same period of time.

This should be easy enough to determine by reviewing the regular bills you receive from your Nitrogen gas supplier. Typically, you will find that you incur;

  • Costs for Nitrogen Gas Supply
  • Rental Costs for Bottle Banks / Bulk Storage System
  • Delivery Costs

So for our example to the left, over the week period assessed, you could be looking at;

  • £2,780 for 4 x Nitrogen Bottle Bank
  • £303 for monthly rental of Nitrogen Bottle Bank
  • £396 for delivery / uplift of 4 x Nitrogen Bottle Banks

So we could be looking at a monthly cost of £3,479 per month based on our example.

Contact Design Air to Specify a Suitable Nitrogen Generation Package and Determine ROI

The final step should be to get in touch with us with your findings. This along with some information on the process that uses Nitrogen should help us to very quickly specify and quote for a suitable Nitrogen generation system. This information will also help us to determine what your annual running costs would be for our offered system and as a result what your expected return on investment will be.

An Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generation System will likely provide you with a very fast return on initial investment (when we factor in initial purchase price, electrical running costs and maintenance costs vs existing costs for buying in nitrogen from your existing suppliers). Typically, we would expect the ROI to be less than 2 years!

Why Choose Design Air For Your on Site Nitrogen Generation

Feasibility Study

From the very start, Design Air will help you to determine;

  • If a Nitrogen Generator can achieve your required purity
  • If you have a sufficient compressed air supply
  • How much you are currently spending / year on bottles or top ups
  • Potential Costs savings you would achieve through on site generation
  • How quickly generating your own Nitrogen will yield a return on your initial investment

Finance Options

At Design Air, we can be flexible to meet your payment requirements. We appreciate that purchasing an Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator is a long term investment, so we can help you finance your purchase over 3-60 months

Instead of waiting for a return on your investment, make a saving immediately. We can demonstrate that your monthly payments will be lower than the cost savings your new Nitrogen Generator will provide.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Once you have purchased and installed your new nitrogen generator, ultimately the biggest cost going forward is in the electrical energy required to generate the compressed air supply.

Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators have some of the lowest air to nitrogen ratios available on the market. I.e. they use less air than competitive equivalents to produce the same nitrogen flow!

As a result, purchase of an Atlas Copco generator will help ensure the lowest total cost of ownership

Our Range of Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators (NGM Range)

  • 95% Purity Flow Range: 2 - 141 cfm
  • 99% Purity Flow Range: 4 - 49 cfm
  • Purity Range: 95 - 99%
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Nitrogen Generators

Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generators (NGP Range)

  • 95% Purity Flow Range : 11 - 1,690 cfm
  • 99% Purity Flow Range: 5 - 971 cfm
  • 99.999% Purity Flow Range: 1 - 221 cfm
  • Purity Range: 95 - 99.999%
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