Used Dryers

Used Refrigerant Dryers & Used Desiccant Dryers

At Design Air we appreciate that a new dryer may not always be the best solution for you due to budget constraints. As a result, we often source used refrigerant dryers / desiccant dryers and refurbish them to a good working condition.

This will allow you to remove water vapour from your air supply, giving you the correct air quality for a fraction of the cost.

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Why Choose a Used Dryer From Design Air?

Used Dryers

6 Month Guarantee

If you purchase any refurbished or used dryer from us and are not satisfied with it, you can return this to us for a replacement or full refund. This is provided the unit is returned in the same condition as supplied.

Used Dryers

Fully Serviced & Refurbished

No matter what condition we receive a used dryer in, we will ensure that;

  • The used dryer will run for 1 year before requiring its next service
  • The used dryer will have any known faults repaired
  • The used dryer will be externally cleaned and in some cases repainted

Used Dryers

Fully Tested

We test run all of our used dryers to ensure they are running correctly and can meet the required pressure dew point.

Rather than taking a risk on purchasing a sold as seen dryer online or at auction, by purchasing a used dryer from Design Air you can be sure that the unit is in full working order.

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