Cost Neutral Service Plans

With our cost neutral service plan, we aim to identify energy savings opportunities for you in excess of what you spend with us to service your equipment. In effect, you make a net saving by having us service your equipment for you.

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Cost Neutral Service Plans

10 Year Lifecycle Cost of A Typical Compressed Air System


The majority of cost associated with owning and operating a compressed air system is the energy cost associated with running the equipment, over a typical 10 year lifecycle over 90% of the cost is associated with running the equipment, only 10% is buying and servicing.

Saving Opportunity

The real saving opportunity is by optimising the operation and efficiency of the system. Reducing the maintenance and focus around achieving these savings is false economy.


Invest more money towards energy optimisation through increased service, measurement and optimisation.

Cost Neutral Servicing Plan Example

Annual Service Cost £5,000

Inclusive of all costs to cover the maintenance and energy analysis work to deliver the savings recommendations.

Identified Annual Energy Savings Opportunity £8,000

From your asset information and running hours we have developed a formula to quickly identify the potential energy cost savings up front.

Customer Potential Annual Saving £3,000

You save money from having us service your equipment correctly.

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